Upcoming Indy-Rock Gigs in London

Catching a good rock show can make even the worse day seem brighter and happier. Sometimes the melancholy sounds of Indy music can also be a good way to forget about the bad days and just relax. The Indy/Rock shows on this list will provide you with energetic, relaxed, and artful sounds for anybody to appreciate.

Whether you want to witness some of Britain’s most renowned guitarists or want to listen to smooth and relaxed piano playing with deep vocals, these performances are excellent events to attend.

Jack White – Union Chapel – 22 July

Jack whit is one of the founders of the Indy rock band The Raconteurs and made prominence with his duo band The White Stripes in 1997. Jack White is well known for using only the best possible studio musicians on his backing band, which contributes to the overall experience of watching one of his live shows.

The Libertines – OVO Arena – 23 July

The Libertines is one of the leading Indie music bands in the UK and is still touring throughout the world to share their unique sound of Indy rock mixed with traditional British rock elements. This performance will be taking place on the 23rd of July and will see the band doing their only London show for the rest of their reunion tour.

Nick Cave – Victoria Park – 28 August

Although Nick Cave has been active in the music business since 1979 and is one of the most renowned lyricists in Rock Music, he has only in recent years become more popular in the indie circles with a change in musical direction. Even with his earlier work, there are many Indy fans indulging in his creative music. Catch Nick Cave with this solo and raw performance of a career-spanning setlist.

Billy Idol – Wembley Arena – 19 October

Billy Idol was born in London in 1955 and has s=toured extensively throughout the world with hit albums and some of the most varied backing bands imaginable. This concert will see the band Television opening up for this British legend.

The shows on this list are varied in sub-genres, include with Indy Rock and provide a great chance to witness some of the world’s most intriguing musical acts perform their latest and most well-known works.