Rock Music Blogs

For further resources about facts and news about rock music and bands in the UK and around the world, visit any of the blogs on this list.

Rock Sound –

Rock Sound Magazine brings the latest rock, metal, pop, and metalcore music news and reviews to all music fans. They strive to be first in letting music fans know of all the greatest rock bands as well the latest bands to be surfacing the rock music scene. They post up to 30 posts per week, making them one of the most frequently posted blogs on rock music in the UK.

Kerrang! –

Kerrang is known as the world’s biggest selling weekly rock music magazine and represents a global community of rock musicians and fans to stay up to date on the latest rock and metal news. They are strong supporters of new talent, and they try to showcase as many new bands as possible while still keeping readers updated on famous bands.

Planet Rock –

Planet Rock is a national digital radio station and magazine in the UK. The radio station and magazine work together to help fans in different ways to find out about the latest and greatest rock bands to listen to. Whether looking for the latest news on famous bands or wanting to learn about new music, visit planet rock.

Uncut Magazine –

Uncut Magazine is the spiritual home of great rock music and keeps its readers up to date not only with reviews on albums and news but with interviews with some of the most famous rock musicians and bands out there.

With the rock music scene evolving and innovating with new bands in the scene constantly, it’s important to stay updated on the latest rock news. All the blogs on this list are based in the UK, making them perfect for learning about local talent.