Rock Bands with Slot Games

Rock bands and gambling have long been associated with one another and are still being intertwined through online gambling. With the most legendary rockers now having slot games based on their brand, music, and members, there is a lot to look forward to for rock music fans.

These are some of the bands with slot games available on reputable online casinos such as BetTarget.

Guns n Roses

Guns n Roses are one of the most familiar rock bands throughout history and are still touring and indulging in other business ventures such as the online gambling industry. Guns n Roses released their slot game in 2016 with great attention to detail in their music catalogue, stage outfits, and band members. The game simply called ‘Guns n Roses’ have been hugely popular.


Motorhead was formed in 1975 in London and has shown a love and passion for gambling since its formation, with hit singles being named after gambling cards and portraying a lifestyle of gambling through their live shows, music videos, and imagery. Their self-titled slot game was released by NetEnt as a video slot game with 5 reels and 76 paylines.


Lordi was formed in Finland in 1992 and showed promise with their stage presence and out-there costumes portraying monsters. The band released their slot game with the same imagery expected from their music catalogue and imagery. The band released Lordi: Reel of Monsters Slot to great popularity in the UK through Play n Go. Struggling to find the Lordi slot game? You can play Lordi: Reel of Monsters as well as bet anywhere with BetTarget.

The bands on this list have long been involved with gambling, even before the release of these slot games giving the games an edge of real gambling interest and entertainment.