Renowned British Rock Guitarists

Although many of the greatest British guitarists did eventually start their solo careers to great success, they all started out in bands that achieved critical acclaim with performances and album releases.

The guitarists on this list are still seen as some of the most famous and renowned British guitarists in rock bands.

Eric Clapton – The Yardbirds, Cream, and Blind Faith

Eric Clapton is from Surrey in the UK and stands as one of the most admired guitar players in the world. He started out with blues rock bands such as Yardbirds and Cream and went on to form a wealthy solo career sticking to his blues guitar roots. With 18 Grammys and 3 rock n roll hall of fame inductions, he is one of the most successful and renowned guitarists from Britain.

Brian May – Queen

Brian May is one of the most renowned lead guitarists in rock n roll history and has served as the only guitarist in Queen since the band’s formation. Bing, one of the founding members in 1970 the band relied heavily on the guitarist’s ability to turn any riff into a catchy hit single song.

Jimmy Page – Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds

Jimmy Page is no stranger to any rock fan and has created some of the most legendary guitar riffs in history. From West London, Jimmy Page has made headlines since joining his first major band, The Yardbirds. When he counted the band Led Zeppelin, he immediately became a legend in his own right with his guitar playing style and some of the catchiest riffs.

David Gilmour – Pink Floyd

David Gilmour is from Cambridge, England and joined the Pink Floyd band in 1967 as a guitar and vocalist. He is seen as an important member of the band that helped them achieve prominence in the rock universe with his progressive techniques and composing abilities.

Many rock bands throughout history were made by their guitarists, and some have even created their own success with solo careers after parting ways with their bands. The guitarists on this list are legends in their own right for their success in rock music.