Brighton based The RPMs are Jack Valero (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Miguel Cosme (bass & backing vocals) and Callum James (drums). A rock band not afraid of a good pop tune – they are inspired by the likes of Tom Petty, The La’s, Arctic Monkeys and Mark Ronson, but with a little something all their own.


Such an explosive set from The RPMs on Saturday night at Glastonbury, a band to believe in BBC Introducing

We’re so thankful that British guitar music is again seeing gritty teens and early-20s create simple, feel-good anthems that sound superb on record but beg to be heard in a sweaty venue Record Of The Day

You stand out from your peers by virtue that you have a real ‘classic’ sound already Shindig

The new track from Brighton outfit The RPMs, it’s a brattish salute to refusal, to the gentle art of making up your own damn mind CLASH

Jack, Callum and Miguel are showing some incredible songwriting potential for a group of teenagers Shindig

Blending rock’n’roll with a little pop, don’t be surprised if you see more of them very soon Redrospective




2000trees3rd August, 2016

Just got back yesterday from 2000 Trees Festival and we honestly didn’t want it to end. We just had the absolute best time and too many things happened and too much fun was had to fit into this one post. From the utterly fantastic and rocking crowd we had the pleasure to play for, going all out at the actually not very Silent Disco and ending up in a yurt putting the world to rights and discussing using dogs as mops until 6am. And as the new kids on the block it was brilliant to meet more members of the Xtra Mile Recordings family who never seem to fail on providing a welcoming and friendly experience and feel so lucky to be a part of it. Cannot wait until next year!! Keep your eyes open for our video diary soon so you can see what you missed 😉 ‪#‎2000trees‬ ‪#‎whatyouremissing‬



And so we return from our Glasto debut and what a Glasto it has been! We’ve faced off the rain and trekked through the mud with our guitars & drums, bombarded our senses with noise and calamity and played our little hearts out on the sacred land of Glastonbury Festival. We’re tired, dirty, stink and we absolutely loved it.

Click here and check out our performance at the BBC Intro stage!!




WE’RE PLAYING ON THE BBC Introducing STAGE AT GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL 2016!!! Phew, good to get that off our chests. That’s right, just been announced on BBC Radio 1 that we will be playing on the BBC Introducing at this years Glasto Fest on the Saturday at 8:25pm. So, it’s time to get your wellies, act like it’s not gonna rain and make that great pilgrimage to the festival of festivals!! ‪#‎Glastonbury2016 ‬

BBC Intro


Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Millennials and hipsters! It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of our debut EP with Xtra Mile Recordings for the 24th of Juuuuune!

‘The four-track EP encapsulates the sound, style, and even smell of The RPMs home-grown gritty, rock tinged sound. The main track ‘I Don’t Like It’ pitches you the rough and ready anger of youth with tunes you can hum, beats you can tap and lyrics you can sing in the shower. Inspired by the past, but built for the future the sound lends itself a timeless pop feel. ‘I Think It’s Stupid, But I Think It’s Love’ pushes this home with it’s juxtaposition between romance and reality and has already gained airplay and Track Of The Day on BBC Introducing South.’

The EP is to be released on 12” vinyl as well as digital download and pre-orders are available now with lead single ‘I Don’t Like It’ available instantly on all digital pre-orders!

You get all that? Then get clickin’!! 😉

Spotify: http://smarturl.it/TheRPMs-Spotify

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TheRPMs-DD-iTunes

Pre-order: http://smarturl.it/therpmsep-XMR


Dance Floor Or Balcony?10th April, 2016

Had ourselves a time hitting the stage at The Brook in Southampton last night! Feet where movin’ and the room was groovin’ on the dance floor and the balcony, yes there was a balcony. A first for us, not sure who to play the gig to, but we managed. Big thanks to the Southampton crowd for being bloody brilliant!


Hearing Yourself On The Radio – It’s Weird4th April, 2016

And so it is done, it’s always weird hearing your own song on the radio. If you missed out at all, never fear as there is of course a listen again option that I will post soon so keep your wig on. Huge thanks to Melita Dennett for picking us again for Track of the Day and huge thanks Sarah Gorrell for having us on her BBC Intro Drive Time Show. Hopefully if won’t be the last 😉

BBC Intro image

Surfing The Airwaves Of The BBC4th April, 2016

Put on those headphones and switch on your car radios! Cos we’re gonna be surfing the airwaves today on BBC Introducing The South at 4:40pm when they play a track from our debut EP as ‘Track of the Day’ on Sarah Gorrell’s Drivetime Show. Tune in at 4:40pm to BBC Sussex and Surrey to catch the DJ giving us a spin!

Click here to listen online: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcsussexhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcsurrey

BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey and DAB
Listen in Brighton on 95.3 FM
Listen in Sussex & Surrey 104-104.8 FM

BBC Intro image

We Interrupt This Website For An Important News Flash!11th March, 2016

We can’t take it anymore, we just want to shout it from the roof tops! We’re signed to Xtra Mile Recordings and we don’t care who knows it! Ever since we did our track ‘Down That Road Again’ on the Xtra Mile High Club Compilation Vol. 5 there’s been a connection that we can’t ignore any longer and so we’ve decided to make it official. In all seriousness though, we are really excited about this turn of events and are looking forward to working more with these fantastic people and their label. So let’s do this!

More info to come on our debut EP, but in the meantime you can checkity check us out on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5D08ZK6H9M6b8iLY31ECF7

Click on the logo to see our press release:

Xtra Mile logo

Camden Rocks 201617th February, 2016

Camden Rocks? It certainly does, especially if we’re gonna be there. So get to where the party is so you can be down with the kids, just like your dad is when he dances around the kitchen to Niki Minaj or ‘Finicky Mirage’ as he calls her.

Finicky Mirage

@Camden Rocks Presents 201612th February, 2016

Coming in hot from Brighton town, we’re gonna be hittin’ the stage at Camden Rocks Presents with some high energy stomping tunes for your listening pleasure. So get up outta your seat, let your feet feel the beat and hit that dance floor!

clicky, clicky, clicky…
Tickets: http://po.st/CamdenRocksTix
Event Page: http://po.st/CRPblackcasino – Get your name on the cheap list!

Camden Rocks Presents

RIP Mr Stardust11th January, 2016

It’s strange how much something like this can effect you. Even though I never knew David Bowie or met him or even saw him with my own eyes, I still felt a great feeling of personal loss and sadness at his passing. It’s amazing how such a close connection can be felt to someone you’ve never met or shared any experiences with just from listening to their music. But I think that is the true power of music and art. And so we have built a Ziggy shrine in tribute and will be spending the evening listening through all our Bowie Vinyl. RIP Mr Stardust

Bowie Shrine

Roll on 20162nd January, 2016

First post of the new year and we’re kicking off with a late morning in Jamaica with Christine Staple! We knew she’d look great in it 😀

Christine Staple

Yarmouth to Skamouth11th December, 2015

We had a bloody brilliant time at Skamouth last Saturday playing for all them ska fans, who really impressed us with how chirpy they were at 12:30 in the afternoon and with most likely a hangover. Hardcore my skanking friends, we salute you! Also a big thank you to Christine Staple and Neville Staple for having us and for taking such good care of us in cold and rainy Great Yarmouth and hope we’ll be back again soon….if it’s not cold and raining 😉

WEBSITE posting WEBSITE posting 2

@ The Fleece Bristol Supporting The Beat14th November, 2015

We always seem to have fun in Bristol and last night at The Fleece was no exception! It’s was a fantastic night and was a wonderful bloody crowd, we even got ’em singing along at the end. But we’re on the road again soon as we venture to that mystic & snowy land for our first gig beyond hadrians wall. Cannae wait 😉


Cardiff, First Gig Of The Beat Tour 20155th November, 2015

What a blast we had at The Globe in Cardiff last thursday with The Beat! Our first gig in Wales and a good one to boot! Our favourite bit by far must have been when a member of the audience pointed out our baby faces by exclaiming that it must be past our bed time. Best. Heckle. Ever. Speaking of which where’s my superman pyjamas? 😉

Gig In Wales



First Stop On Beat Support Tour 201527th October, 2015

We’re gonna be hittin’ it up in the ancient Celtic land of Wales, where we’ll be making lots of noise with the boys a.k.a The Beat at The Globe in Cardiff this thursday. So come one come all, cos it’s gonna be a blast 😉


The RPMs Pilton Party 20155th September, 2015

Had an absolute bloody blast opening for Wolf Alice and Rudimental at Pilton Party 2015! And was fantastic to see our hosts Micheal & Emily who work so hard to keep the festival of festivals running every year! Keep an eye out for more photos of the show coming you’re way!

Supporting Wolf Alice & Rudimental at Pilton Party 201517th August, 2015

Had an absolute blast playing in the finals of the Pilton Party Competition last saturday and not only that, we bloody well won!! I know we can’t believe it either, but somehow we pulled it off and will now be supporting Wolf Alice & Rudimental on stage at this years Pilton Party!! Also hats off to the other competitors Monarks & Dark Actors who are both fantastic bands and played brilliantly on the night. It was a pleasure to share the stage with them both. Keep you’re eyes peeled though as we have some great photo’s of the night on there way for your watching pleasure! Watch this space :) We Fucking Won

The RPMs In Camden For Xtra Mile Release Party10th July, 2015

Had a bloody brilliant night down at The Monarch last wednesday to celebrate the new release of the Xtra Mile Recording’s Xtra Mile High Club Compilation Album of which we are a part of! We shared the stage with some really great acts such as Skinny Lister, Will Varley & PJ Bond who had us all singing and dancing by the end.

The album is now available here to buy where you’ll get to hear us and much much more!: https://www.xtramilerecordings.com/Shop/DownloadDetails?rid=XMR_RE_189

Monarch Big Crowd

The RPMs at Glastonbury 20157th July, 2015

Woah! Woah! Woah! We’re back from Glasto 2015 and blimey was it a good one! It was hot, noisy and full speed all the way, and that was just the trip there! From the Field of Avalon to the Giant Mechanical Spider of Arcadia the mark of The RPMs could be found. On bandstands, jackets and even a big disco ball in a tree. We played a stonka of a gig at the Bread & Roses bar on the saturday night too in which we had a small stage invasion involving our now surrogate grandparents! It was as mad as it sounds, so now feast your eyes on the photographical odyssey of The RPMs at GLASTONBURY 2015!!!!!

Big Crowd

The RPMs at The Brunswick20th June, 2015

What a time we had at the Brunswick last night! With friends, strangers and people of all ages getting down on the dance floor to the tunes that we played them. We had a fantastic audience and was possibly one of the best gigs we’ve had in Brighton. Hope to see them all again soon! 11653350_10200785175029876_1723750065_n11118025_999388996738150_1509405909_n

Summer In The City10th June, 2015

Hello boys and girls! We are very pleased and excited to announce that we will be playing at the Xtra Mile Recordings ‘Summer In The City’ show at the Monarch in Camden to celebrate the release of their new compilation album. We will be kicking off the night and playing along side such great acts as Skinny Lister, Will Varley Music and PJ Bond . So turn off Netflix, put down that ipad and get your arses to the party people!

Get your tickets here!: http://www.monarchbar.com/events/events/8-jul-15-xtra-mile-the-monarch/

Summer In The City

Who Made This Awesome Poster!6th June, 2015

Roll up! Roll up! Next on our calendar is a gig at The Brunswick on the 19th of June in our home town of Brighton where we’ll be headlining, yes headlining! So put down the PS4 controller (or Xbox controller if you’re a noob) put on a nice pair of slacks and get your sweet booties down here. If not just to see who made this awesome poster. Hope to see ya there! 😉

Brunswick 19th

Tag Rugby Trust Fundraiser @ The Joker Brighton3rd June, 2015

Had a bloody brilliant time playing at the Tag Rugby Trust fundraiser for the Sussex Uni Women’s Rugby Team last night. What a receptive and enthusiastic audience we had! Was also a pleasure to share the stage with the wonderful Nova State again. A big thanks to Claire and Petra for putting it all together and for being generally awesome. We wish them the best of luck on their trip to Uganda to help create a sense of purpose and unity through sport.

Is it a cat or a dog_mini

A DAY AT THE BLEACH9th May, 2015

What a great night it was performing at BLEACH on friday along side some very talented people The Art Club and Frankie & The Heart Strings. Hope to see them on stage in Brighton again soon.


Today Facebook, Tomorrow The World26th April, 2015

Over 1000 likes on facebook mutha bleepers!! We’re so happy to have reached this mile stone and it couldn’t have happened without all you lovely people. So thanks to all who have hit that like button and never looked back! Today facebook, tomorrow the world!!Victory

Another Crazy Night at Bar 4223rd April, 2015

Had a brilliant time as usual playing for the crazy people of Worthing at Bar 42 last night! Can’t wait to be back again on the 22nd of May! :)Bar 42 last night

Back at Bar 42 Again20th April, 2015

Looks like we’re back at good old Bar 42 in Worthing next Tuesday supporting Picnic Basket Nosedive! We’ll also be sharing the stage again with our good friends Same Day! It’s gonna be packed so get down early if you don’t wanna end up like a sardine in a can.
Click pic for link to event page:
Picnic Basket Nosedive

1000 Likes!13th April, 2015

Wha Hey!! Reached 1000 likes!! 😀


Bristol Ska & Mod Fest7th April, 2015

Had a great time at Bristol’s very first Ska & Mod festival on Easter Sunday. Thanks so much for so many of you coming out to see us at 3:30pm (which is very early for Rock ‘n’ Roll) and a big thank you for all the kind words afterwards!11071448_882728688451285_7221769598242834393_o

Worthing Kids26th March, 2015

Another mental gig at good old Bar 42! Why is it every time we play there at least one of us ends up half naked? Either way, those Worthing kids sure know how to party!

Back @Bar 42 Again

Rebellion And Partial Nudity14th March, 2015

Get a taste of what it’s like to be front row at an RPMs gig! Warning contains rebellion and partial nudity 😉

Click here for full video!

Screen shot 2015-03-14 at 18.40.13

Loud Music, Teenage Angst and Shots O’clock!13th March, 2015

What a gig we had at Bar 42 last night! It started off so ordinary and then took a detour to crazy town. Huge thanks to our good friends in Same Day for providing the insanity and hope to see them bouncing off the walls again soon! Due to the boisterousness of the show we were only able to get this one photo from our own camera, however we do have some footage from us and the audience which will be edited down so you can all see what happens when you mix loud music, teenage angst and shots o’clock into a small room!

Screen shot 2015-03-14 at 18.45.09


@SKAMOUTH This November9th March, 2015

Check it out! Lookin’ all moody and broody on one of the SKAMOUTH announcement photos :)


Live ‘n’ Loud6th March, 2015

Gonna be down Latest Bar and Bar 42 on the 11th and 12th of March next week along with other great bands from the Brighton area. So come on down for some good old live ‘n’ loud!

Hush Hush Bar 42

Down at Bar 4217th February, 2015

Gonna be fighting for our right to party down at Bar 42 in Worthing soon along with other great live music acts! Is it also free entry? Hell yeh it is!!

Bar 42

Back In The Studio27th January, 2015

Back in the studio cooking up some tasty rhythms! Available for your lug holes soon, so watch this space :)WEBSITE_mini

Picked Up By The Press Again7th December, 2014

Another press appearance for us likely lads in the Islington Gazette released to preview our next show on the 11th of December for The Great Escape Presents at The Garage. Read more to see all our biggest influences and why we look pretty young, but we’re just back dated yeah! We’re on at 8pm at The Garage and by the way it’s free! Which for you means more beer money yay!!

Click Here For Full Interview

Nice Picturerview

Ongoing Support Tour With The Beat23rd November, 2014

Here we are with Rankin’ Roger of The Beat, who has been so generous with his advice and encouragement to us bunch of toe-rags. Lookin’ forward to the next lot of shows in early December! – Tour Dates

Rankin' Roger